Q: What elements determine the cost of the brewery the most?

Q: What elements determine the cost of the brewery the most?

There are 4 aspects that determine the cost of a brewery: batch size, yearly capacity, finishes and automation.

Q: What size beer brewery building do I need?

For a brewpub a lot depends on what your yearly volume is and how many different types of beer you want to offer. The minimum surface starts at about 20m2. There are also some estimate area requests in our different brewery systems in specification above.
For microbreweries the main factor is yearly volume. For small microbreweries a floor space of 300m2  is often more than sufficient.
For details on your project, we can give you exact dimensions and requirements.

Q: Can I brew all types of beer on the Tiantai brewing equipment?

Contrary to the open-vessel fermentation system mainly used in Eastern Europe and Germany, all beer styles can be brewed with our system. This means that a wide variety of ales and lagers can be made. Given the infectious style of Lambics, we do not recommend brewing or packaging these beers on shared equipment.

Q: How long does the beer equipment last?

Given the fact that most elements in a brewery are made of stainless steel, the longevity of a brewery is high. Given proper maintenance and the careful use of chemicals, a brewery can be used intensively for about 20 to 30 years. For some elements such as fillers and labelers with a lot of moving parts a shorter lifespan should be considered and more maintenance will be necessary, depending on the use.

Q: Can you help me with my entire brewery project?

Our mission is to assist our clients with their brewing needs from start to finish and build a long-term relationship with them. We can help you with all aspects of your brewing need or work with one of our partners to accommodate your needs.

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