Home Wine-making Equipment Production Technology Of Liquor

After new China was founded, this name replaced the use of liquor "shochu" or "sorghum liquor" and other names. Because of the variety of materials, production methods also have their own characteristics and aromas characteristic of the wine is different, so the category there are a lot of liquor.

According to the latest national standard, distilled into liquor and other distilled spirits.

Liquor was defined in music classes, wine for saccharifying-fermentation agents, starches (d) material by cooking, mashing, fermentation, distillation, aging and blending all kinds of liquor brewed.

Other distilled liquor is defined as: grains, potatoes, grapes and other fruits as raw materials, distilled fermented, brewed, high alcohol (alcoholic 18~40%) wine. According to the different raw materials, and brandy, whisky, Russian grams and other distilled spirits (such as laomu wine).