Tank corrosion applied to producing

Small-batch production of plastic products. Due to the rotational moulding mold acted, so the mold is simple, cheap, easy to manufacture. In addition, rotational molding

Equipment also has larger of mobility, a Taiwan roll plastic machine, both can installation a only large mold, also arrangements more only small chess with; it not only can die plastic size different of parts, and also can while forming size and the shape are very not same of products, as long as roll plastic products used of raw materials same, products thickness quite, are can while roll plastic forming, so anti-corrosion storage tank roll plastic forming process than other forming method has more big of mobility. 3, rotational molding can easily transform product color. Rotational molding material at a time directly to the mold, are all the products that make the material after removal from the mould then add items required for the next shape, so when we need to change product colors, will not waste raw materials did not take time to clear the machine and mould tank corrosion. When we use the only mold rotational moulding and plastic products also can join in the mold of different materials of different colors, and rolls of plastic in different colors of plastic products.