Suitable for molding large and extra large workpieces

The vast majority of plastic molding processing, molding process, plastic and die at very high pressure (the pressure), the very wide applications such as injection molding, compression molding, extrusion. Plastic, so when the production of large plastic molding technology is applied, not only must be able to withstand a lot of pressure die, make the bulky and complex, and plastic molding equipment must be designed, manufactured firmly, machine manufacturing difficulty increases and higher costs. And this instead, anti-corrosion storage tank due to roll plastic forming process only requirements machine frame of strength enough to supports material, and mold and the machine frame itself of weight, and prevent material leak of closed die force, so even roll plastic large and the special large plastic parts, anti-corrosion storage tank, also without using is heavy of equipment and mold, machine die of processing manufacturing is convenient, manufacturing cycle short, and cost low. 1, theoretically, with parts of the rotational molding process, almost no limit in size. Producing such a large plastic container, such as the use of molding without expensive and huge blow molding equipment is not possible.