Distillation of wine origin introduction

The "so-called" "yo-wine" (distilled liquor), in pre-Qin times have not been there. Has, since the beginning of the Tang dynasty. Dominique Favre the universal custom of wine: "China wine, long before the Christian era known; Gill JI wine BC 800 years India has been made. "Wei Caocao prohibition, people steal drink. Wine as a Saint, wine for Sage. Its non-distilled liquor no doubt. Li Shizhen < materia > Volume 22 of the Hasebe: "burn (sneak) wine non-ancient techniques. Since Yuan was founded when the law, wine steamer and bad people, and steamed on gas, take the drops of dew. Sour wine, can be steam burns. "To" sneak wine "in the Yuan dynasty, it's too late, there are also problems. "Yo-wine" name has been found in the Tang dynasty. The floor of the wine of Litchi poem: "a new Litchi cooked comb color, shochu open amber sweet......" Tang "Chengdu slipped, heard so much about the wine, do not think their man Chang" the sentence, has been distilled in the Tang dynasty.