HANGZHOU ZHENGJIU MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD. is a professional brewing, fermenting and distilling machine manufacturer, which has advanced management team, strong R&D team, and qualified workers to design, manufacture and test products. Also, our reliable after-sales service team is always prepared to provide our customers with better service and to solve problems for our customers.


Our company is a comprehensive and professional manufacturer specializing in designing , developing, manufacturing,selling,installing and the after-sales service of brewing equipment, distillery equipment, food and beverage processing tanks and much more! Our 4 main products are the followings:

1)Brew Equipments inculding large and medium-sized brewery project, Saccharification system, fermentation tank, bright tank, filtration equipment, Yeast propagation equipment, CIP cleaning system and many more types of ancillary equipment to meet your brewery needs. 


2)Distillery equipment inculding our pot and reflux stills which can be widely used for home distilling and lab testing. Our complex distilling system can be used for both brewer and winery factories as well as used with any kind of alcoholic spirit.

3)Food and Beverage Machinery including the sanitary stainless steel storage tanks, mixing tanks, heating and cooling tank, milk tank, fermentation tank, warm keeping tanks, emulsifying machine, cream maker, Sterilizing Equipment, Fermentation Equipment, Sterilization Equipment, Asepsis Storage, Sandwich Boilers, Cleaning In Place Machines and filter series.

4)Water Treatment Equipment inculding a complete set of water treatment systems and constant water pressure supply equipment. We also supply water treatment parts such as precision filters, cartridge filters ,membrane houses, water purifying system , reverse osmosis systems and much more. At Zhengjiu Machinery we pride ourselves by providing the highest standard of service through taking responsibility for the impact of our business customers, suppliers, employees, communities as well as the environment.

OUR NEW FACTORY Start from Feb.,2017




Here are our office in new factory:

Sales department.jpg


Here is the New factory video show with our employees at the meeting in every morning:

We will talk about the production schedule at everyday, make a work plan.

Factory Meeting .jpg 

Here is the Old factory video show with our employees old factory(previously one):正久全体合照.JPG